Mix & Mingle: Your guests are entertained right at the heart and start of the event. With no special lighting, sound or tables required, Brian engages —then involves— your guests in a close-up performance they may think possible only on television. Where people meet for the first time i.e. client hospitality, Brian naturally brings them together and provide the catalyst for interaction between them… something many companies are aware of as being a problem to overcome. Brian can easily provide the solution.

Sit-Down Events/Restaurants : The entertainment comes to you! While people are seated, Brian performs right at the tableside in between the courses. While being non-obstructive to the waiters and/or food servers, Brian performs close-up, interactive magic for your guests. This provides a real talking point and very often jacks up the room electricity as well!

Receptions: This style of magic is performed entirely in the hands while the Magician mingles with the guests, putting them at ease and bringing a magical 'sparkle' to your event. It is particularly suited to venues with no specific performing area. One of Brian's great skills is approaching groups of people he has never met, and creating the feeling of warmth and sincere interest. This makes it easy for a group of people to appreciate and enjoy the fun magic. Magic, combined with charm, brings people together.

Stage/Stand-up: Brian's stage act spans approximately 30 minutes, and is both visual and interactive with a lot of audience participation. The material presented comes from Brian's extensive repertoire of mysteries which have taken him over 20 years to perfect.

No stranger to playing 'big' in front of a large audience, items from Brian's stage act have been well received at the Denver Performing Arts Festival and local news stations, as well as at major corporate events for Century Link, Centura Health, Title America, and Denver Public Schools to name but a few.

This style works just as well for a family celebrating an anniversary, as it does for a corporate audience. In order to make your event a resounding success, Brian would prefer that you contact him before making any decision regarding your forthcoming event.